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  • To help families of all ages and walks of life develop and maintain a positive ‘head space' at home and at play.
  • To assist students in improving study outcomes and maintaining a productive and peaceful work/life balance during the stresses of a school year and life itself.
  • To play an active part in reducing incidence and prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders amongst children and teens.
  • To educate everyone we meet on the benefits of meditation to mind, body and spirit. 
  • To facilitate others in finding their own unique and innate creativity and special talents.
Kristy Lee Rackham, RN http://www.facebook.com/myholisticnurseaustralia
Kristy’s experience in integrated health and natural therapies, particularly meditation, spans over 20 years. She now complements her extensive natural health experience with bio-medical knowledge as a Holistic Registered Nurse.  Other qualifications include; Certificate IV in Integrated Therapeutic Massage and courses in modalities such as Matrix Reimprinting, EFT, Healing Touch and Reiki energy techniques, music therapy, ear candling, tissue salts and Bach Flowers.  Her work experience in holistic health encompasses positions such as meditation facilitator, massage therapist, energy healing, chiropractic assistant and development director of a Melbourne based natural therapy centre to name just a few.  

Kristy published her first book titled ‘Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ in 2010 to assist students of all ages to improve learning outcomes and reduce their stress levels.  She possesses a unique blend of expertise and diverse knowledge-base with which to educate and drive mainstream public towards having optimal lifestyle sustainability.  She writes, speaks and facilitates workshops and seminars on holistic health and lifestyle sustainability with passion and enthusiasm - her audiences walk away inspired and determined to make affirmative changes in their lives.

With close family members diagnosed with chronic illnesses, Kristy has a special interest in meditation and lifestyle, holistic lifestyle management of chronic pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and lesser known and understood Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS).

Kristy now sustainably juggles motherhood with nursing work and freelance health writing from home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Connect with the Author:

Nicole Verwey-Baker’s passion for all things creative springs from spending many an idle childhood hour sitting on the roof of her house sketching and painting Australian landscapes inspired by the Blue Mountains that she called home. She would scout about her household and surrounds for everyday objects and easy to obtain materials that could be transformed in to creative pieces to entice the imagination.

Her early adult years were spent traveling around Australia further sparking her desire to create and artistically represent the places and emotions that were evoked during her journey. Today, Nicole uses a wide range of media to create drawings, paintings, sculptures and collages inspired by ideas that surface through the subconscious mind and the effect they have on our everyday lives.

Her current focus is on recycled paper collage, her interest lying in creating new textures and forms from existing examples found in discarded publications. Many of these works can be found as illustrations in Head Space – Meditate your way to study success.  

Nicole believes everyone has a capacity to create and that creativity can enable a person to transform their individual fears and insecurities through the solace and expression of art.  She endeavours to translate this idea to her students.

Nicole currently lives on the Sunshine Coast where she works as an artist. Her work has been exhibited in various local art shows such as the Immanuel Lutheran College Art Show and the Maleny Art Show, and many pieces have found loving homes in private residences on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Victoria.

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