HEAD SPACE meditate your way to study success 

a unique mindfulness handbook by Kristy Lee Rackham

Art by Nicole Verwey-Baker

The Mindfulness Education Movement is here!

Mindful Meditation is a practise which allows us to become aware of our inner processes and behaviours.  We can observe our thoughts, words, actions and feelings in the 'here and now', with non-judgement, curiosity and kindness.  From a position of gentle but heightened awareness, we are then empowered to choose behaviours that are self sustaining and positive for our future.

Mindfulness gives us the ability to clear the clutter of our mind and to experience greater control, peace and personal power.    Once the 'white noise' of our monkey-mind has dissipated, we can then employ another extremely beneficial method of meditation - Creative Visualisation - to 're-set' our mind and 're-program' our intention for a positive, joyous, peaceful and adventurous future.

The benefit of meditation beyond its traditional scope in philosophy and religion is also being recognized, accepted and included in many secular institutions including banks, universities, schools, fitness facilities, corporations, psychology and general medical practice, plus many more industries.  

The capacities and benefits of adding Meditation into activities of daily living as a valuable component of a healthful lifestyle are now being acknowledged and proven by science. In particular, much effort has been put into researching how mindfulness and creative visualisation affects students and teachers.  Many are now adopting and expanding upon this progressive trend towards a mindful approach to life both in and outside the classroom.  The movement towards awareness in education has been coined the "Mindfulness Education Movement" or M.E.M. by Author, Kristy Lee Rackham.

There are solid reasons for in including meditation as part of a well-rounded and harmonious home, and in the schools of our children. The most recent National Health Survey data (ABS, 2007-08) identified that:

  • 26% (over 1/4) of all young people between the age of 16 and 24 have a mental health disorder. 
  • The prevalence of teens suffering with depression is around 14% and climbing each year. 
  • The single most quoted issue at school as identified by the kids themselves is STRESS. 
  • 2/3 of all visits to Australian GPs are stress related.
  • Approximately HALF of all Australians aged 16-85 years (7.3 million people) will at some point in their lifetime, experience at least one mental disorder.

A myriad of new scientific reports have been released since 2010 finally substantiating what many of us already knew - meditation directly and dramatically impacts stress levels and can actually make a highly significant difference to our study capacity and our ability to cope with life!  

What people are saying...

"Your book is just brilliant.  
Just love your affirmations. BEAUTIFULLY  presented.
Art work...perfect. 
One can feel the flow...around then upward.
   I have been practicing meditation  for over 20 years... BUT, let me tell you, I have never jumped off  the cliff. How lovely to glide like an Eagle, and look down on everything."
Marvelous Kristy, Marvelous."

Lesley W, Bagara, QLD

Book Summary...

If you want to feel better, think better, and do better in your studies and LIFE, get “Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success”!

Meditation regulates blood pressure, slows breathing and increases oxygen uptake, alleviates physical pain, stress and tension, calms the mind, improves memory, and opens a door to worlds of peace, relaxation and happiness that will lead to more successful studies.

Our brain absorbs and retains an ENORMOUS amount of information, soaking it up like a giant sponge, whether we’re conscious of it or not.  You can enhance the effectiveness of your learned and innate knowledge and retrieve it deliberately whenever you want with tools like meditation. 

Throughout the book you will find simple ‘mini-meditation’ tools headed “try this”, practical step by step guides and other tricks to get you going and keep you on the right track to a better quality of life and more successful study outcomes.

This fresh, down to earth, and practical book written by Kristy Lee Rackham, original art by Nicole Verwey-Baker is the perfect tool for anyone who is studying, parents of students, or those who just want a bit of balance in their lives.

CHAPTER 1: What is this Meditation Stuff Anyway?
Meditation is quite simply, a practical tool to train the brain and body into stillness and peacefulness.  Its purpose is to seek out and discover the true person within, the heart of the soul where infinite potential resides…and then, to enable us to USE that potential and create the life we want.
TRY THIS: Quick Fix

CHAPTER 2: Meditation for Anyone and Everyone
There are many forms or types of meditation...
TRY THIS: A Light Shower
TRY THIS: One Minute Meditation

CHAPTER 3: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta
Whatever your personal belief, science and spirituality both agree - meditation takes the body into a deep state of relaxation. Scans of the brain conducted whilst in deep meditation…

CHAPTER 4: What to Expect During Meditation
There are so many things in life that we place our expectations, or judgments on – let meditation be the exception in your life!  Your experience of meditation will be…
TRY THIS: The Observer
TRY THIS: Switching Off White Noise

CHAPTER 5: Positive Reprogramming
Creative visualisation is an important tool in the healing of mind, body and spirit.   It is the process of imagining…
TRY THIS: Shapeshifting

TRY THIS: Thought Catching
TRY THIS: Revamp Your Vocab
TRY THIS: Feel Your Way
TRY THIS: Brain Up A Storm

CHAPTER 6 – Getting in the Zone
There are a number of ways to get in the zone for meditation, prepare your brain to relax...
TRY THIS: You’re Off The Hook

CHAPTER 7 – The Meditation Process
If you are meditating for the first time, the following techniques should be conducted in sequence to ensure… .
STEP BY STEP: The Meditation Process

CHAPTER 8 – Student Specifics
This section is specific to students and is a three step process to maximise your study…
STEP BY STEP: Prime Time

CHAPTER 9 – Chakras
An electromagnetic energy field surrounds and infuses all people, plants, animals and things…
TRY THIS: Chakra Cleanse

CHAPTER 10 – The Smell of Success
by Kim Morrison & Fleur Whelligan
For centuries people across the world have enjoyed the aromatic pleasures and health benefits of the wonderful oils…
TRY THIS:  Smelling Success

TRY THIS: De-stress Compress

CHAPTER 11 – Colouring In
The universe and everything contained therein is made up of energy or vibration.  Colour is also an expression of energy or frequency…
TRY THIS: Rainbow Light Meditation

CHAPTER 12 – Musical Studies
Music can become an excellent map to your feelings and thoughts.  Once we identify what kind of music creates specific responses…
TRY THIS: Music Mapping
TRY THIS: Musical Notes

CHAPTER 13 – It’s Crystal Clear
Okay – now for something a little different. Before you decide that using crystals is a little airy fairy...

TRY THIS: Blackboard
TRY THIS: Crystal Clear
TRY THIS: Programming Crystals
TRY THIS: Crystalise Your Studies
TRY THIS: Crystal Elixir

CHAPTER 14 – It’s the Journey
The following visualisation journeys are for you to experiment with…
TRY THIS: The Seed
TRY THIS: The Keeper
TRY THIS: The Eye of the Storm

CHAPTER 15 – Readings and References
The following readings have been referenced for this book and have been found generally useful...



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Original Artwork by Nicole Verewy-Baker 2010- Recycled Paper Collage on Canvas

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