Study is most effective when you deliberately set about your day with the intent of absorbing as much information as possible.  It is also greatly enhanced in the state of the creative Soul-Mind because in this State of alpha frequency, areas of the brain that usually lie dormant are activiated, the cerebral cortex is strengthened and more communication occurs between the left and right hemispheres.  This results in greater long term memory capacity and increased intellect!

The mini meditation below will get you into that calm head space you need for contacting your inner Soul-Mind.

TRY THIS: Quick Fix

Feeling frazzled?  Stop what you are doing right now and breathe!  Take a very slow, deep breath in. As you inhale, imagine you are breathing light into your body through the top of your head. Then slowly exhale, imagining as you breathe out that the air is flowing down through your body and out through the base of your feet.  As the air flows downward, feel any stress leaving your body with the air. Do this until you feel yourself calming down.

Study Step 1:

‘Priming’ is the process of being in a Soul-Mind head space and instructing the brain that everything you hear, see, learn, read or study is important and should be retained for future use.  The brain accepts that this is its task for the day.

Priming the brain is a continuous process that should be used every time you pick up a text book, attend a lecture, lab or tutorial, talk with your fellow students about your subjects…anything to do with your learning.  I recommend getting into the Soul-Mind head space whenever you think of it and at least once per day. 

Remember: Priming the brain means you do actually have to input the information that you want to access later during exams or assignments.  You cannot expect to access information that you’ve not bothered to put into your brain system in the first place…do the work, and reap the rewards! 

STUDY STEP 1: Prime Time

Firstly, choose some trigger music to study to – remember to make it the same EVERY TIME for each different subject.  Choose any other study triggers, get your ‘study rock’, choose which colours you will use to write with, and wear your lucky study undies!

Now, before you sit down to study, or prior to a lecture, ask yourself: ‘What do I want to achieve from this session?’ and set the answer as your intent.  Use your intention EVERY TIME you are in a learning environment.  These intentions are very important as they are the password you will need for accessing information later on.

‘I absorb information easily and effectively’.

‘My brain is retaining all the information I hear, see, and read about this subject and I can easily access it when I need to’.

‘My Soul-Mind understands everything I hear, see and read, even if my brain doesn’t get it right now’.

It is essential that you trust this process; more importantly, that you believe you can do this.  Remember, your brain will believe anything you tell it, but you need provide fuel – so if you’re saying ‘I am retaining this info’ but your heart is saying ‘Yeah, RIGHT!’ then you may need to meditate more frequently on self empowerment and development of self esteem throughout the year to get your emotions in alignment.

‘Whether you think you can or you can’t,

either way you are right!’

Henry Ford

Study Step 2

Do the work!  I know it’s obvious, but it is amazing how many students expect to get good grades and do well on exams without doing the study in the first place. 

Sometimes motivation is an issue, and at times when you know you need to be studying, the brain will throw all sorts of distractions at you things that seem way more important than studying.  Remember, this is just ‘white noise’. It’s not real!  Sure, there are some things that need to be attended to, but not right now. If you get caught distracting yourself and listening to the ‘white noise’, have a notebook handy that is dedicated to white noise and list everything that is distracting you.  Set your intent to come back to that after your study session.

Make up a daily schedule that includes blocks of study with breaks, relaxation and leisure time (enjoy one of the daily meditations that you’ve identified as your pathway to peace paint, surf, draw, meditate), throw in a few short meditation sessions before and after the study blocks, and make a specific time to do all those things you have listed in your ‘white noise’ notebook AFTER study. Stick to the schedule, but make sure it’s realistic and balanced.  Everything in moderation.

Remember, the brain is a machine…it needs to be fed with the right information.  Most importantly, to get results you need to input the data – the course content   to be retrieved later in the semester.

STUDY STEP 2: Data Input

Do the work! Make up a study schedule that includes time for meditation. Use some of the ‘TRY THIS’ techniques covered earlier in this book to calm your brain and open up your Soul-Mind. When you notice your brain wandering off into ‘white noise’, refocus your intention to absorb the information you are reading or listening to. Use ‘Thought Catching’ if you become aware that you are thinking negatively about your abilities.  Try ‘Revamp Your Vocab’ if you say something to a fellow student that is even slightly less than positive, and flip it! At every opportunity, for just a few moments, visualise yourself jumping up and down in excitement with the news of your sensational grades and see the awesome mark on your assignment or exam notification.

Study Step 3

Okay, the brain has been fed the subject information over the course of the semester via study, lectures, labs etc.  You have primed the brain before each learning session, to absorb and retain all information for later.  Now, it’s exam time, and you need to get that information out and onto a page in a very short amount of time…NO PROBLEM!

It is really, really important at this stage of the game that you trust the information is in there, and really feel that you can recall it during the exam.  

STUDY STEP 3: Data Download

Play your trigger music, hold a study crystal, and complete your breathing, grounding and protection techniques.  Now it’s time to instruct your brain to unlock all the stored info from the back of your Soul-Mind.  Firstly, set your intent:

‘All the information I have absorbed over the semester is ready to be used for exams’

‘Brain, it is time to retrieve all stored information appropriate for this exam’

Visualise your brain as a very efficient messenger or secretary who is accessing the files you need on a computer, or running off to get the files from a drawer. Perhaps you can have a different drawer for each subject – play with images until you find one that works for you, then stick to it. Use the same image every time you do an exam.

‘All information on this subject that I have seen, heard, read or learned is now flowing easily and freely to the front of my mind for easy access’

Visualise streams of information flowing from the base of your skull. See your secretary running toward you with a large smile, holding the information you need.  Feel the activity of your brain charged with information. Let the feeling flow forward to the forefront of your mind, into the frontal lobe of your brain, ready for downloading onto the page during the exam.

So, see how you go... use these methods regularly for best impact...remember tools don't work unless you pick them up and use them!

Be well.

K xx
Copyright K L Rackham 2010