If you are meditating for the first time, the idea of sitting still and focusing on something for an extended period of time can seem a little daunting.  But it meditation doesn’t have to be a difficult thing.  It’s actually quite simple when you let go of the expectations and the idea that you have to ‘try’ to meditation… Once you have the basics down pat, the rest is easy!

The following techniques should be conducted in sequence to ensure your brain and body learn the routine so that it then becomes a part of your positive unconscious patterning. 

After you are familiar with the entire process, you can use one as a stand-alone meditation, or a combination to suit the amount of time you have available and the space that you find yourself in at that moment.

Lets start finding your calm head space right now…

Find yourself a comfortable chair, or sit cross-legged with your back propped against a wall.  Sitting will keep you from falling asleep! (NOTE: the position of the legs when you are cross-legged on the floor creates a figure 8 flow of energy, a completed circuit. The position of the legs when crossing them in a chair creates an incomplete circuit).

Here we go, one step at a time.

Step 1

Most people only use about 1/5 of their full lung capacity when breathing, which means that our bodies are really only functioning at about 20% efficiency…really think about that…20% efficiency = 20% health = 20% effectiveness.

Step 1 is a fantastic technique to use any time you feel yourself getting strung out and wound up by your workload, experiencing conflict with people around you or general mental and physical fatigue. 

This step is great for clearing the mind and sharpening the brain.  It will also help relax the body and release physical stress and tension. Use each part of step 1 sequentially, or standalone depending on what your needs are.

If you’re a student, definitely use this technique before exams!

STEP 1: Don’t Forget to Breathe!

Begin by becoming aware of your breath. Feel your chest rise and fall. With each inhalation, imagine your body filling with brilliant white light from the toes all the way to your head.  With each breath, feel yourself letting go, allowing the light to fill your entire body with peace and calm.  With each breath the light becomes brighter until your body is totally infused with it.  All stress and tension is dissolved by the light. Let the light expand beyond your body into your energy field and feel yourself becoming the light with every breath.

Now, gently inhale to the count of 8, breathing deeply into your lungs, expanding them fully.  Hold your breath for the count of 4. Now gently exhale to the count of 12, emptying your lungs completely.  There is no need to force the breath. Repeat 10 times, or until you feel yourself unwind.  Now, allow your breath to return to its own natural rhythm.  Notice the breath is slower, deeper and more even.

Step 2

After your breath has become soft and relaxed and is following its own rhythm, it is time to relax the body.  Spend as much time as you can on this step as the body holds emotional and mental stress within its cells, muscles and tissue.  The more relaxed your body, the greater the healing effects during meditation.

STEP 2: Body Basics

Begin by bringing your awareness to your whole body, and consciously instruct your body to relax and sink into the chair or the floor.  Now, direct your mind to your toes.  Clench your toes and then release them.  Feel your toes and repeat to yourself ‘my toes are relaxed.  My toes are light, soft and calm, totally relaxed.  I am relaxed’.  Move your awareness now to your calves and shins.  Clench the muscles briefly and release them.  Repeat ‘my calves are relaxed; my calves are light, soft and calm, totally relaxed. I am relaxed…’.

Repeat this process for every part of your body all the way to your head, feeling each part of your body releasing stress and tension.   When you’ve finished, lie still and enjoy the deep global relaxation of your body for a few moments, and notice the soft buzz of energy throughout.

If you realise your attention has drifted away on a thought tangent during this process, gently bring your awareness back to where you left off, and continue.  This is actually easier than you think. Don’t force your awareness simply thinking of a particular area of your body will bring your awareness to that area.

This technique not only relaxes your body, it also contributes to teaching the brain to let go of those 60,000 thoughts and apply 100% concentration on a singular point or activity.

“Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose.”

Eknath Easwaran

Step 3

In Step 3 we focus on centring the electro-magnetic energy field.  This enables you to maintain your connection to the physical earth plane and stabilise your energy in the face of environmental buffeting!

This technique is great to bring you back to focus when you’re feeling scattered and ‘left of centre’. It will also help you to be fully alert and present in the moment. 

Use it whenever you are feeling out of sorts and when life is moving too quickly – it effectively places you in the ‘eye of the storm’ where everything is still and quiet and you can observe the whirlwind of activity around you rather than getting caught up in it all.


STEP 3: Heaven & Earth

Imagine a glowing star or sphere of light hovering a metre above your head.  Watch as a ray of shimmering light begins to descend through the centre of your body, goes ever so slowly along your spine, and out through your coccyx until it reaches the surface of the earth.  Here, imagine the beam of light penetrating the Earth ’s crust, descending into the core of the planet.  Anchor the ray of light at the core using any visualisation you like (I tie it around a massive tree trunk!).

Your ray is now connecting the star above you with the earth below you.   Feel the beam pulsing with the heartbeat of the earth, and feel your own heart aligning with it, synchronising with this soothing planetary pulse.  Acknowledge your position between the heavens and the earth, collecting energy from both via your shining beam of light. Feel the flow of energy straightening your body, aligning your mind, centring and stabilising you.

Step 4

It’s time to use some protection!  Protection in this context means rid your brain, body and energy field of your own low-frequency thoughts or vibrations and elevate your frequency to a higher head space.  Its second purpose is to steel your brain, body and energy field against the effects of other low-frequency energies in the atmosphere or environment around you. 

It is very easy to be influenced and buffeted around by the people in our immediate life.  We are constantly subject to the opinions and energies of the people we hang out with the most.   I am sure that you have been in circumstances where you have walked away from certain people and felt totally drained and exhausted.  Physical environments with lots of electrical devices, mobile phones, overhead wires, concrete and metal structures can have the same effect.

Protecting your head space is about minimising the energetic influences around you so that you can remain peaceful and positive under any circumstances.   This is an essential part of the meditation process and should be used daily.


STEP 4: Do You Have Protection?

Now, bring your awareness to the centre of your heart.  Imagine that in the very centre of your heart there is a tiny violet flame burning brightly.  Feel the warmth and beauty of this little dancing flame. The intent of this flame is to transmute low frequencies and raise your vibration up.  As you give the violet flame this intention and attention, it grows to encompass your heart. Allow it to expand even further, until the violet flame fills your chest, transmuting and raising your vibration. Let it grow stronger, brighter and larger, until your entire body is blazing with brilliant violet fire, filling you with loving warmth, burning away all negative thoughts and frequencies, replacing them with peace and positivity.  Leave the violet flame burning through and around you and go about your daily life.

You can also use the following ‘quickie’ techniques to keep your vibration high and happy.

·          Surround yourself with positive, happy people!

·          Say no to any negative talk with friends and family. 

·          Flip negative comments and thoughts around using the ‘TRY THIS: Thought Catching’ mini-meditation.

·          Feel good about meditating.

·          Use your willpower to keep going.

·          At any time throughout your day, be aware of your heart’s violet flame and let it grow to surround you, setting the intention to dissolve any low frequencies that you may have allowed to affect your positive mood and attitude.

Step 5

So now you are calm, relaxed, centred and your vibrational output is higher.  Now it’s time to work on that intention or goal that you have chosen for your meditation session. 

At the end of this book there are some creative visualisation journeys that you can take yourself on if you are not sure what intention or goal to begin with. After you have completed the first part of Step 5: Portals, slot in any of the journeys or expand on one of the ‘TRY THIS’ mini-meditations.

STEP 5: Portals

Visualise before you a silver door suspended in space.  Beyond this door is the manifestation of your goal or intention.  Pay close attention to the door.  Be very aware of every tiny detail.  Now, when you are ready, step through the door and into the vision of your heart’s desire, the image of your intention, and enjoy the journey.

See yourself achieving your intention or goal.  Feel the excitement of this achievement.  Immerse yourself in the experience.

Step 6

You know you’ve found peace and relaxation when you don’t feel like coming back to reality!  But eventually, it is time to rejoin the world.  To return, do the steps in reverse to ensure that you come back in a calm, centred and grounded head space.

STEP 6: Coming Back

Visualise the silver door suspended in space. This door will return you to your body, and to the present time.  Take a last look around your vision, and anchor the fantastic feelings you have created here.  Now, when you are ready, step back through the door and into your body.

Become aware of your toes and fingers, arms and legs, torso, neck and finally, your head. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and bring energy back into your body.

Take three very deep breaths, feeling your body filling with energy and light.

See a sphere or star of light above your head, and bring a beam of light from that star down along your spine and into the earth.  Anchor the beam of light and feel it centring your being.  Any scattered or fragmented parts of your energy system are called in to the beam like a magnet and you feel realigned, calm and centred within your body.

Drink a glass of water (Preferably purified.  Water will help you re-connect to the physical environment and can eventually become a trigger for your brain to be calm and centred after your meditation).