Well, for many of us, we're at the pointy end of this year's studies!  YAY!!  Whilst I love learning, and some of my assignments have been really interesting this year, Im SOOOO OVER IT!!! :)  I've been contemplating ways to enjoy my break from study over Christmas... If you're as lucky as me you'll have almost 4 months off!  AWESOME!

So... here's what I've come up with...


You're body, brain and emotions have been wrapped up in study for a whole year - that's pretty full on!  Give them a break and catch up a bit of sleep...Quality sleep, the kind you get when you're not stressed over assignments and exams, is essential for body repair... getting a few early nights after your last exam before jumping on the party train, puts you in a good position to acutally enjoy your holiday.  Physically and mentally you've stretched yourself. Often when we relax, our body says to itself 'Woo hoo!  Time to toss out all that coffee and stress from my cells' and we can succumb easily to a cold or flu right at the start of our break - BUMMER!  Sleep will help recovery, and may even prevent illness all together.

Sunshine synthesises Vitamin D which is essential in immune function. For the same reasons as sleep, you need to rebuild your immunity and vitality.  You've been cooped up inside studying most of the year.  Do you even remember what sun looks like?!!   Im lucky enough to be living on the Sunshine Coast so its pretty easy to catch some rays, but some of you may need to make a determined effort.  Go lie in your back yard, sit on the balcony, head for a drive to the beach, go to the park... just 15-20 of moderate sun exposure will boost your system and get you going.

Oh my goodness, how BORING are my walls!  I've been staring at them for sooo long I can probably describe every tiny detail to you.  Not to mention the beautifully mundane desktop screensaver of a little island with solitary palm tree... IM SO SICK OF THAT PALM TREE!!!  A change of scenery is totally necessary after finishing the school year.  It doesn't have to be far away, even a day trip to somewhere you've never been before can refresh your outlook on life and get you fired up to enjoy the rest of your break.


In my opinion there is nothing like the freedom of travel.  I love the excitement of packing, getting on the plane.  The anticipation of new places and people and a total removal from my everyday life.  Overseas travel to a place that is culturally completely different really takes you out of your comfort zone and expands your mind and emotions.  This is a great way to shake up your world and make the most of some well deserved time off.  Take just your back pack and your hiking boots and leave all the stress and responsibilities behind you for a few weeks.  Lovely!


I love massage!  It gets the circulation going, cleanses toxins from the body, relaxes the muscles, relieves aches and pains, alleviates headaches and best of all it just FEELS GOOD!  Lets face it you've probably become a little sluggish and de-sensitised whilst sitting infront of the computer.  Massage can bring you back to life. There are heaps of great therapists around, so do some research and find the best one for you at a great price!

Your mind needs to clear itself out after study too.  It's all too easy to keep the stress alive by wishing you'd done better, wanting to know if you've passed, wondering how you'll cope with the work load next year, having a freak out about that last exam.... LET IT GO!  It's over red rover.  You've done your best, you've worked hard.  Rest your mind now.  If you're on the Sunny Coast, check out Julie's classes on Tuesday night and Wednesday daytime at Spiritual Connections on duporth. 


Of course, these tips are just to get you started... use your imagination and get creative... what have you been hanging out to do since the start of the year but have put off due to the committments of study?

Here's some on my wish list:

  • Clean up my room
  • paint a landscape
  • spend the day at the beach
  • take the kids camping
  • go on a bike ride
  • go to the movies (cant wait to see Eat Pray Love!)
  • have a long soak in the bath
  • have friends over for a party
  • massage, massage and more massage
  • join a class and learn something new and fun
  • update my website
  • get out into the garden and make it pretty
  • plant my summer veges
  • do another collage artwork
  • climb a mountain
  • go out on the town for a night
  • check out an art exhibition

Brainstorm your list... GO WILD!

Be well
Kristy xx