Ever heard of 'white noise'?  It's what I call the loud fuzz of incessant chatter that kicks off in your brain the minute you sit down to get some head space. It’s as if you are surrounded by a thousand TVs all tuned in to different channels blaring at you all at once about crazy stuff at a million kilometres an hour. Let me demonstrate:

I need to staple my assignment, NOW!
This meditation stuff doesn’t work.
I really don’t want to be doing this right now, it’s such a beautiful day outside.
This chair is too hard. or is it too soft? Maybe I should get another chair. 
I have an uncontrollable need to go for a run (even though I’ve never run a step before in my life).
It’s really important at this very moment to hang the washing out (even though it’s been there for half a day already).
I forgot to call my mother (three days ago), better do it now.

Blah blah blah...etc. etc. etc!!  Scary isn’t it…did you have any idea your brain was running so fast? Did you know that most people think around 60,000 thoughts in an average waking day? It can be more or less depending on our state of being from one day to the next. Some thoughts are random, some are repetitive, and most of these thoughts are based on future or past events and are negatively geared. We worry about the future and feel bad about the past. Rarely are we thinking about what we’re doing right here and now in the present moment, and even if we do, how often are we looking at our ‘now moment’ in a positive light?

TRY THIS: The Observer
Sit and relax in a comfortable chair. Do not talk, move, get up, drink, eat or anything else for
one minute. Close your eyes and become aware of the space between your eyebrows and
above your nose – the third eye. Keep your attention at this point and start to notice what you
are thinking. See if you can watch your thoughts. What are you thinking about? Just observe
your thoughts. Notice if they are about the past or the future. Notice if they are positive
thoughts or negative. Are they coming to your head space fast or slow? Are they random or
repetitive? Just watch.

Observing our thoughts is a great way to become familiar with the types of things we are telling ourselves regularly. Observing our thoughts also brings our attention and energy into the moment. It’s a good exercise to remind ourselves that the past is gone and there’s nothing that can change it. And as long as we can be thinking positive thoughts right now, when the future gets here, it will be a whole lot better!

TRY THIS: Switching Off White Noise
Every time you realise your brain is running away with itself or your body is acting out,
gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Follow the breath in and out, feeling your lungs rise and fall with your full attention. Repeat this every time you discover your attention
has drifted away into white noise.

TRY THIS: Thought Catching
Observe your thoughts when your brain tangents into white noise. Catch one that is selflimiting or negative. Now find its opposite and replace it with the positive that you want to create using your Soul-Mind. For example:
“Nothing I’m studying is sinking in” (negative brain).
“My brain is absorbing all this information easily and fully ” (positive Soul-Mind).

TRY THIS: Revamp Your Vocab
Take the words ‘try’, ‘can’t’, ‘maybe’, and ‘should/shouldn’t’ out of your vocabulary. They
are limiting and diminish your power to manifest the life you want. Replace them with ‘I am’,
‘I will’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – be clear and decisive with your words, and it will reflect in your

TRY THIS: Feel Your Way
Sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Bring to mind an experience, time or place in your
life when you felt fantastic and totally, utterly happy... Visualise it clearly in your mind. Now,
tap into the feel of it...really feel it. Notice the sensation in your heart as you hold the image.
Feel your heart expanding with fun, freedom, and pure happiness.
Don’t think...just feel.

Here’s the REAL KEY to turning off the mental white noise – the more you try to force the disturbances to dissipate, the more you’ll beat yourself up for straying onto some thought tangent about what you have to buy at the grocery store, whether you left the front door unlocked, and how much of a bad person you are for allowing your thoughts to stray from the meditation (!), the stronger and more frequent these thoughts will become.

So just relax and allow the thoughts to run their course. Eventually, you will re-train your brain and these disruptions will lessen.
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Be well

Kristy  :)