Meditation also comes in many forms during your everyday life.  Anything that maintains 100% of your awareness and focus and develops your innate creativity can be a form of meditation.  You don’t have to sit for hours and hours forcing your brain to shut down.  In fact, anything that you have to force takes you out of the Soul-Mind head space and back into worrying about all those things you have to do. 

There are many ways to incorporate visualisation meditation into your daily life.  Here are a seven simple ways to get a better 'head space' starting RIGHT NOW!

TRY THIS: A Light Shower

When having a shower, imagine the falling water is a shower of brilliant white light (or any other colour you feel like at the time).  Imagine your entire being absorbs the shower of light and cleanses away all negative thoughts or feelings you may have collected from your environment. Feel the light shower washing all your troubles down the drain, leaving your body, brain and spirit/mind clear and cleansed.

TRY THIS: One Minute Meditation

For one minute, place all your focus on one thing of beauty in everyday life.  Really look at it, smell it, feel it... Stop to ‘smell the roses’ and most importantly, feel good about it!  The world can wait, it’s only one minute!  Do this every time you think of it and at least every day

TRY THIS: Switching Off White Noise

Every time you realise your brain is running away with itself or your body is acting out, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.  Follow the breath in and out, feeling your lungs rise and fall with your full attention.  Repeat this every time you discover your attention has drifted away into white noise.

TRY THIS:  Shape Shifting

Let’s say you are feeling trapped and confined by your current circumstances, whether they be financial, academic, relationship or something else.  Now...close your eyes and focus on your breathing. In your mind’s eye, imagine you are standing at the top of a cliff.  Gather your courage and dive off. Feel the wind rushing up beneath you.  As you spread out your arms, they morph into magnificent giant wings.  Feel your body become light and buoyant.  Ride the air currents in the form of an eagle.  Look down upon your life and gain the perspective of distance from way above - how small everything is, how insignificant these problems are in the grand scheme of life.  Get an eagle’s eye perspective and enjoy the freedom and peace of soaring above it all...feel as free as a bird.

TRY THIS: You’re Off the Hook

For just 20 minutes, turn off your mobile, take the phone off the hook, lock your door and look like you’re out!  Find a comfortable place to sit and give yourself permission to do nothing.  What a relief!

TRY THIS: Body Basics

Begin by bringing your awareness to your whole body, and consciously instruct your body to relax and sink into the chair or the floor.  Now, direct your mind to your toes.  Clench your toes and then release them.  Feel your toes and repeat to yourself ‘my toes are relaxed.  My toes are light, soft and calm, totally relaxed.  I am relaxed’.  Move your awareness now to your calves and shins.  Clench the muscles briefly and release them.  Repeat ‘my calves are relaxed; my calves are light, soft and calm, totally relaxed. I am relaxed…’. Repeat this process for every part of your body all the way to your head, feeling each part of your body releasing stress and tension.   When you’ve finished, lie still and enjoy the deep global relaxation of your body for a few moments, and notice the soft buzz of energy throughout.

TRY THIS: Do You Have Protection?

Now, bring your awareness to the centre of your heart.  Imagine that in the very centre of your heart there is a tiny violet flame burning brightly.  Feel the warmth and beauty of this little dancing flame. The intent of this flame is to transmute low frequencies and raise your vibration up.  As you give the violet flame this intention and attention, it grows to encompass your heart. Allow it to expand even further, until the violet flame fills your chest, transmuting and raising your vibration. Let it grow stronger, brighter and larger, until your entire body is blazing with brilliant violet fire, filling you with loving warmth, burning away all negative thoughts and frequencies, replacing them with peace and positivity.  Leave the violet flame burning through and around you and go about your daily life.