Here's a few tips from one student to another on how to Save money while studying... Im sure you have more that you know of, so please, head over to the facebook page and let me know what you do to manage your money whilst studying.

1.     Prepare Food At Home
Preparing food and drink to take with you each day is a huge cost saver.   Eating out at café’s and restaurants is expensive.  Save money by cooking extra for the family meal and leaving enough for leftovers for your lunch the next day.  Go out and buy a good quality Water Bottle (with at least BPA+7) and take water with you rather than buying.  Get a thermos and make your coffee to go.  
Eating Lunch out    vs    Eating Prepared Lunch In
Coffee    $4.50    $.50c
Salad     $15.00    $5.00
Water    $3.00    $0!
Total Cost:    $22.50    $5.50   

2.     Shop at Discount Stores

Discount stores provide great bargains for a perfectly reasonable alternative to Woolies/Coles.  Products including household goods, gifts, stationery, toiletries and bric-a-brac can usually be picked up much cheaper at shops such as Gone Bonkers and other ‘Two Dollar Shops’.  TRY ALDI if you haven’t already!
3.     Recycled Stores
Recycled, pre-loved, second-hand…whatever you call it, these shops offer great bargains for household items and clothing.  If you visit regularly, you will get to know which stores hold the best quality stock and pick up some excellent bargains… better still, if you’re fashion conscious and a little bit ...

creative, you can create an awesome wardrobe of ‘never to be found anywhere else’ ensembles!
4.     Clothing Exchange
You’ve heard the saying ‘one mans trash is another wo-man’s treasure’?  Get together with your mates one Friday night instead of heading out for a clothing exchange.  Not only do you save a buck on drinkies, but everyone gets the chance to clean out their cupboards of stuff they no longer wear (for whatever reason).    As an added bonus… when you make space, a vacuum is created and your cupboard gets filled with ‘new’ stuff and a whole new look!
5.      Grow Your Own
If you have a little slice of unused ground at your house, plant some vegies.  Even a little potted herb garden or potted lettuces on a balcony can save you $10 each week on your grocery bill.  Not to mention the meditative benefits of chilling out in the garden and the bonus that you’re eating chemical free food!
6.     Watch for Special Offers
Find out about the latest special offers in supermarkets like Aldi, who have specials every week based on different themes e.g. hiking equipment, ski wear, office furniture, back-to-school stuff.  Check out your local papers for coupons and deals, and sign up to a couple of selected online ‘deal’ companies such as ‘Grabone’ and ‘dealfetch’ for regular heavily discounted options for life’s extras… don’t get caught in the trap of buying stuff you don’t need tho, just because it’s cheap!  Have a list of what you need on the fridge or your desk and buy ONLY if it’s on your list!  
7.     Car Pool
Team up with other students or families in your area and share rides to school or work. You’ll not only share the cost of petrol, but save wear and tear on your car, thus reducing repair costs!
8.    Buy Second-hand books
Text books and equipment for study is expensive.  Borrow for a few weeks at a time from either the Uni or public library, buy second hand from online student forums and share textbooks with friends.  It just take a little organisation but can save you hundreds of dollars every semesxter.
9.     Phones
Ditch the land line rentals and ongoing expenses and stick to a great deal on a mobile phone.  All carriers are out to beat each other’s price at the moment, so use this to your advantage.  Ask for the best deal, compare your companies and choose the best for you.  If you’re going with a plan, make sure you get a plan that has unlimited calls and texts around the country so you don’t get caught out with a hefty bill.  If you’re not sure you can manage a plan, stick to prepaid and top up when you have extra cash.  You may also just have to learn to text less and meet up with mates more in person!

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