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New Collage Art Packs a Visual Punch

Posted by Kristy Rackham on Monday, October 25, 2010, In : Media Releases 

Head Space Artist, Nicole Verwey-Baker

The Sunshine Coast will get its first glimpse of new artwork by rising star Nicole Verwey-Baker on Thursday 18 November at 5pm when she reveals her stunning recycled paper collage collection inspired by the book “Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success”.

Nicole has been an artist since a young girl, but has only recently begun working with collage.  The collage collection is composed of over 20 individual works on canvas of varying sizes and each...
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It's HERE!!!

Posted by Kristy Rackham on Monday, October 25, 2010, In : The Book 
OMG ! Its finally here in my hot little hands - the very first copy of the very first print run of my very first book!! 

I was sooo nervous opening the package.  It was wrapped first in a post pac, then cardboard box, then bubble wrap, then paper and then about building the anticipation!!!   It was like being the only player in a game of pass the parcel and I'm the WINNER!!!

It looks fantastic!
Great new cover with Nicole's amazing artwork grabbing your attention from the moment...

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Parents Tips for Taming Teenage Stress (reprinted with permission)

Posted by Kristy Rackham on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : General 
Lori Lite, creator of Stress Free Kids helps teens tame their own stress.

Managing anxiety is just a breath away. Enjoy this easy breathing technique taken from the Indigo Teen Dreams CD.  Download it to your desktop and import it into iTunes, iPhone, iPod, Zune.

 Download this FREE MP3 from the Indigo Teen Dreams CD.

Most parents recognize (and remember) that the teenage years are a volatile time marked by the struggle for independence, the forging of identity, the painful process of em...

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6 Tips to Enjoying Your Study Break

Posted by Kristy Rackham on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : General 
Well, for many of us, we're at the pointy end of this year's studies!  YAY!!  Whilst I love learning, and some of my assignments have been really interesting this year, Im SOOOO OVER IT!!! :)  I've been contemplating ways to enjoy my break from study over Christmas... If you're as lucky as me you'll have almost 4 months off!  AWESOME!

So... here's what I've come up with...

You're body, brain and e...
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Excuse me, I just 'blogged'!

Kristy Lee Rackham Full time parent, part-time nursing student, writer, key-note speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur... I subscribe to the belief that if you're clever with your time and where you put your energy, you CAN have the cake and eat it too! Still working on what flavour to make the cake though! My passion is creating... creating anything, in any form makes me happy! My goal is to lead my children (and others!) by example... its a big task and Im learning so much about myself through their eyes. As they grow, so do I! Most importantly, I want to show them that if you have a dream, you can achieve it with a bit of dedication, discipline, guts and a belief that anything is possible. So I guess that I want to teach them to create as well... create their own destiny! Email me at, I'd love to hear from you.
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