Well, 2010 has been a massive year hasn't it?  I can't believe how quickly time has passed us by, and how much we have achieved, learned and experienced along the way. 

I know many of you have had a year packed with pretty huge challenges and some amazing highs... Nicole and I have experience the same.  Publishing Head Space this year has been a life long dream of mine, and Nic has completed her first full collection of sensational collage artwork. 

To accomplish my personal goal dispite some pretty hefty life challenges has left me feeling so so grateful to all of you for your support and encouragement.  I'm amazed at what is possible if you have support, dream big, believe, and have the right tools to ride through the difficulties and turmoil. Anything and everything is possible if we believe it!

Having a focus, a goal, a dream is the most important thing a person can possess... the quality of our life springs directly from the intensity of our feelings.  The more passion and drive and emotion we put into our lives, the greater the rewards.  There is nothing to be gained by 'playing safe' and hiding our light from the world. 

So, this Christmas, I encourage you all to think about what drives you... what are your dreams and goals, what have you always wanted for your life?...and then, take a step towards that.  It doesn't matter how small the step is as long as it is in alignment with what makes your heart sing.

Remembering what brings us the greatest joy is often our greatest challenge.

Life is to be lived... let 2011 be your year to truely express your authentic self and live the dream.   "Head Space" can be a great 'first step' on the path to your dreams... it will help you to figure out what your authentic self is saying... this book will unlock your inner world with the help of quick, easy and effective mindfulness techniques to clear your mind of clutter, and creative visualisation to REPROGRAM for a positive manifesting of your visions for the future.

Go here to get your own piece of head space now!

We wish you all a wonderful christmas and hope that your New Year is wonderful and full of dreams come true! 

be well... kristy xxx