Massage is a great way to de-stress before and after exams... You deserve it! 

Massage not only soothes aching 'mouse hands' and 'laptop shoulders', it also revives the spirit and relaxes the mind, taking you into a receptive, alpha state...the perfect state for retention of information and optimal learning!

Student STRESSBUSTER MASSAGE is now being offered at Two Hands Massage Therapies in Cotton Tree, QLD.

Student Stressbuster: $25 for 20 minutes

When you're feeling stressed out, your neck is stuck in the same position from too much typing, your hands are clawed in QWERTY position, you need a Two Hands massage!!

Student Massage specifically treats the hot spots that hold pain and tension for students including shoulders and neck, arms, hands, scalp and face, depending where your main needs are.

Two Hands massage practitioners are fully qualified and will help you deal with the physical and psychological rigours of study stress. 

Get one today before exams!

Call Ric on 5479 5885 or 0407643434 to make your appointment now.