I have an exam Friday and am flat out using the techniques in the book to get myself across the line - as I type I have a 2.5 year old hanging off my arm, and my one year old raiding the kitchen draws!  If ever I needed "head Space' it is now!  So to keep myself on the leve, I am using the little quick de-stress technique below... give it a go!

Try this: Remember to Breathe...Stop what you are doing right now... ignore everything for the count of four, deep, long, slow breathes.  Focus entirely on the process of breathing.  Feel the air passing your nostrils, flowing down the back of your throat, entering your lungs.  Feel your chest rising, filling with calming, relaxing oxygen.  Pay close attention to the outward breath too. Follow the breath out of your body through the mouth.  With each breath, let yourself go, allow yourself to rest - repeat to yourself "these four breaths are mine". And let the world (including your kids if you have any!) wait for just four breaths.  You owe yourself that much.

Start your study sessions by lighting a candle before, choose some chilled, but not sleepy, music to play in the background, burn some essential oils (you'll find recommendations in the book!) and set the intent that you will absorb all information that you read or hear or see easily and fully without any undue effort.  These activities will set your mind at ease and allow your creative brain/right brain to activate as well as your left brain which is traditionally the side that we use for more analytical things.  With both parts of your brain activated you are far more likely to absorb and retain the information than if you go into a study session already feeling stressed about everything.

Good luck with all your study... I'll check in again soon and let you know how I go!
K :)