I have been musing over the idea of space/time relativity this morning...  I hear you say you "what!  Why? "...Well, we are all familiar with the sensation of never having enough time when you really want to get heaps done!  Time seems to speed up.  Yet when there's nothing to do, it crawls along like a snail on leaf.

I set out this morning with a hundred things to do (no, really, Im not exaggerating!) and only a day to do them all.  As I went about my business, or rather my 'busy-ness', the things I had to do seemed to take longer than I anticipated or than I had allowed for in my schedule. 

This morning, everything I HAD (self imposed deadline) to do had issues attached to it.  My 2 year old had 'poo-issues' that required 3 changes in our morning routine, rather than one.  My 4 year old got dressed, got dirty, got dressed, changed his mind and got dressed again, all the while I am biting my tongue from blurting out in a narky tone hurry up damn it I have IMPORTANT THINGS to DO!  There was a quĂ© at the post office and a rather 'difficult woman' at the front of the line - clearly she was having issues this morning too!  Why do people have to get so uptight, I wondered to myself with irritation (self-imposed attitude!).  The bank computers were down, so instead of a relatively simple deposit transaction which by rights should have taken 10 mins maximum, resulted in a hefty delay and subsequent blow out of my very carefully sculpted schedule.

The point is, a cleverly scheduled morning diary, crafted in a way that would produce maximum efficience from minimum time expenditure has gone to pot and now its after midday and 'Im only just starting 'work'.

I pondered this.  Is it me?  Do I expect too much from myself, from others, from computers and the efficiency of systems?  Or, perhaps, is it more than that.... I have noticed in more leisurely moments that time seems to stretch and bend and life seems to happen without effort and without the need to squeeze every ounce of out of the time I have available.  Perhaps there is something in that old saying "do without doing and everything gets done"?

I know that meditation slows time... I've experienced it.  I can be sitting for an hour in a blissfully contemplative state and rouse myself thinking that it must be well and truely time to do something...only to find that just 5 minutes has passed.  Whats more, I emerge from my relaxed state feeling calm and centred and my day progresses in that very same mode... everything still gets done, yet without the angst, without the disruptions, hold ups and frustrations.

Perhaps time is a paradox... the faster we go the less time we have!   Maybe if we took the time to slow down, we would find that time bends to our will and we are able to sail through life, knowing deep inside with great comfort that all is well and all will get done in its own good time.  And we may just have a 'good time' doing it!

The upshot of all this was that at 11.30am when I was finally on my approach to starting my day at the office, I got a call... "Kristy, I've had a spot open up in my schedule, would you like a massage now?"  HELL YES!  I was already 'running late' within my ridiculous schedule, what difference will another 1/2 hour make?

As it turns out it made a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE.  Here I am at work afterward, feeling relaxed, mind calm and focused, body aches from previous rushed days disipating and I'm getting done what I need to get done, without strife and striving, without pain and suffering, free of frustration and harried emotions.

We cannot stop time (or canwe?), but perhaps it is relative to our perception of it and how we use it.  I am beginning to wonder that 'time is really on our side' if we TAKE THE TIME to change our perception of how we use it.

DING!  Light bulb moment!!

If we create slow the rate at which we move in our world, and in our minds (create physical and mental space) and find a more ambling pace in our actions in life, we can literally REDUCE THE SPEED AT WHICH TIME PASSES, ie...we can bend it, curve it, so that it kind of loops back upon itself and we have the 'luxury of time' to enjoy life! 

On the other hand, if we rush about like 'headless chickens' (no 'mind space') in the 'rat race' (no physical space), we find that time speeds up and we complain about not having enough of it do rush around some more!

And now for some science to back this blog up... if you're interested at all in the physics behind why you've never got enough time, here's an easy explanation click here to watch the you tube video.

So...I'm redefining the "KISS" principle...


Slow down and allow it to just BE!!
Peace out...

Kristy xx

PS:  If you watched the video, I want to leave you with one more thought to ponder.  If we can learn to 'become more light' we can stop time... interesting implications for the anti-aging industry! ;)  Perhaps there's another blog in that!