Hmmm... is it a question or just an out loud thought spewed out into cyberspace.  I do find myself musing over the wonders of the internet as a forum from time to time... Im writing, but is anyone listening?!  Its a little dangerous to forget that this page Im typing is flying out there to be picked up by anyone, anywhere, anytime... forgetting this tiny, yet vital, piece of information could have me spilling my most private moments that happen in my 'head space'.  Would this be a bad thing?  Maybe. Maybe not.  But, if I'm going to let it all hang out, then I feel compelled to know who's reading my rantings!

My work life has always been one on one, face to face... I find myself feeling a little out of my depth with the idea that you are out there, reading this, perhaps reading my book... and I don't know you!!!  I find this a tad uncomfortable.  I think I want to know you, but I would like to give more thought to 'why'. What is this overwhelming need to know?  How will it enhance my life, or yours? 

If you're out there... if you're reading... please, indulge me...


:) K