Exams are looming, are you prepared?

Whether you've done what it takes to blitz your exams this semester or not, the following tips will help you be as prepared as you can be and finish the semester on a high note!
  •     Use Lavender essential oil & Rescue Remedy to calm you down ALL THE TIME!
  •     Don't cram, it adds to your stress levels and literally makes you less smart!
  •     Get a good night sleep the night before and preferrably from now until exams
  •     Stay away from complex carbs, eat more protein, fruit and veges
  •     Eat a healthy breakfast (low GI for better brain function) and leave enough time to enjoy it!
  •     Avoid excessive coffee - one to get you going is fine!
  •     MEDITATE before bed, MEDITATE when you get up, MEDITATE 1/2 before exam (click here to register your interest for Kristy's live guided net-meditation classes)
  •     Set your study intention on paper and stick it on your mirror " I am calm and confident"
  •     Avoid negative people at all costs
  •     Use colour to enhance learning...highlight with colored pens
  •     Listen to lyric free, uplifting music
  •     Think positive, Talk positive, Be positive
  •     Enjoy the experience, live it the moment! :)
Stay tuned to this blog as I'll  be posting a link for you to download FREE meditation audio's to help you stay cool, calm and collected before your exams and help you set yourself up in the most brainy, super smart head space possible!!