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Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan, authors of the Sunshine Coast’s newest literary sensation “Like Chocolate for Women”, have contributed a little ‘head space’ to their many other successful endeavours.   Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success’, is a new publication written by Kristy Lee Rackham and illustrated by Nicole Verwey-Baker due for release on 1 June, 2010. It includes a specially written chapter by local celebrities Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan. 


The premise of ‘Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ is that developing a positive ‘head space’ will improve study outcomes for students, whilst helping maintain a productive and peaceful work/life balance during the stresses of a school year. ‘Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ includes practical and easy ways to use creative visualisation meditation to enhance the study experience and features a chapter by the ‘Chocolate girls’ about ways to incorporate aromatherapy as a tool for improving study outcomes.


With school aged children of their own, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan were excited and pleased to lend their talents to ‘Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success’.  “Knowing first hand the pressure and stress that kids have to endure during their schooling these days, it was an easy decision for us to lend our knowledge and support to ‘Head Space’”, said Morrison, “the information we’ve included in ‘Head Space’ focuses on things like different ways to use aromatherapy to de-stress, enhance concentration and study capacity, and remain calm and balanced during the craziness of a school year”.


There is much research around today that shows that meditation can reduce stress, slow heart rate, increase brain function, improve concentration and memory, and generally improve physical and mental wellbeing.  Kristy Lee Rackham, author of ‘Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ has facilitated meditation classes for around 10 years but recently discovered it’s new application whilst a student herself. “It was only when I went back to university as a mature aged student to study nursing that the real value of meditation actually hit home”, she said, “I found it invaluable in not only maintaining balance and a cool head in the face of exams and assignment deadlines, but that it seemed to help improve my study results!”  In fact, new scientific studies have shown that using meditation as a stress management tool can actually strengthen the centre of the brain responsible for memory retention and intellect!


Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ is primarily geared towards school and university students of all ages who want to expand their study ‘toolbox’, but its content is highly useful for ‘students of life’ who wish to discover ways to improve their general wellbeing.


The result is a practical and at the same time, calming and totally inspirational book to maximise personal potential via creative visualisation leading to less stress, greater ability to manage the intensity of study and life itself, and to cut through any mind-chatter that may be inhibiting personal progress.


Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success’ is scheduled for release on 1 June 2010 and will initially utilise the modern wonders of online technology for publication.  Kristy and Nicole are conducting ‘Head Space’ workshops, seminars and events around the Sunshine Coast in conjunction with the release.  Further details on the book and related events can be found by visiting www.headspacebook.com.


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