Hello Friends,

Mindfulness has taken a front row seat in the psychological and traditional medical environments in the last couple of years... and it is gaining momentum.  It's reach is extending now into our education system, and it's about time! 

This month, I have written an article about this phenomenen which I like to call the Mindfulness Education Movement (MEM) that is sweeping across Europe and the United States... it has just reached our shores and is revolutionising the way we view learning and education.   MEM is a collective term for the rapidly increasing use and awareness of mindful meditation and creative visualisation techniques to manage study stress, improve general wellbeing of students and enhance their learning capacity.  The MEM is now influencing progressive educational institutions such as University of the Sunshine Coast.  Many public schools and universities around the world now integrating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) and meditation tools into their standard curriculum.  Whilst Australia has a long way to go, we are now on the way.

To read the article, head over to Holistic Bliss Magazine website.  Vanessa Finnigan has some excellent articles in February's 'Transformation' issue that are well worth the read.  Don't forget to pick up your hard copy of the magazine when you're out and about!

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Happy reading! 

Be well... Kristy Lee xx