I am frequently reminded how important it is to take time out to do something just for ME.  I'm discovering it is not only important to make some time and space in life that doesnt incorporate study, work, kids, washing the dishes or mowing lawns, but tthat perhaps it is MORE imperative that I am actually ALONE for that period of time that I set aside. 

Information overload is overwhelming.  We are constantly surrounded by people, noise, activity and input from our environment- the media, friends, family, teachers, the guy at the newsagency, our kids, the dog next door... the constant din of chatter is stressful and exhausting!  How often do you allow yourself to sit without a radio or tv on in the background?  How often do you take the time to just be, to contemplate, to muse over life and all that is in it? How often do you feel the need to ask someone to answer your questions about life rather than answer them yourself? 

In this day and age, it has become increasingly difficult to discern our own internal voice in the midst of the ''white noise" generated by other peoples opinions running riot in our minds 24/7..  And even more difficult to decide to stand your ground and do what is right for YOU despite the suggestions of those around us who may mean well, but cant possibly have all the information needed to make a sound assessment. 

Take time to be by yourself.  Stop and see if you can find your inner voice, the one that knows what you want out of life and knows the best way to tackle those wants and needs.  We are far to ready to listen to others and make our decisions based on information coming from outside of ourselves, instead of trusting that we actually DO know what's best for our own lives. This deferring to others is completely disempowering.  Even a simple question such as "do you think I should paint this wall charcol or grey" can be an indicator that you are giving away your power and avoiding your own inner knowing.  Why is that person's opinion any more relevant or important than yours!? 

A word of warning tho... being adept at differentiating our true inner voice from our monkey brain is essential if you're going to trust your own intuition above others' opinions and expertise... are you certain that what you're hearing is your authentic voice, or is it merely your clever little ego disguising itself in rational, logical thought processes that really serve your patterns rather than your wellbeing.

Mindfulness meditation is a great tool for building a strong inner voice that is loud and clear and cannot possibly be mistaken for anthing other than YOU and your innate wisdom.  The first step in mindfulness is to practise separating YOU from your THOUGHTS!  Believe it or not, they are NOT THE SAME THING!  It is possible to watch your thoughts.  And so, this begs the question, "If you are not your thoughts, WHO ARE YOU?"

TRY THIS:  The Observer

Sit and relax in a comfortable chair.  Do not talk, move, get up, drink, eat or anything else for one minute. Sit still and become aware of what you are thinking.  See if you can watch your thoughts.  What are you thinking about?  Just observe your thoughts.  Notice if they are about the past or the future.  Notice if they are positive thoughts or negative.  Just watch.

TRY THIS: One Minute Meditation

For one minute, place all your focus on one thing of beauty in everyday life.  Really look at it, smell it, feel it... Stop to

‘smell the roses’ and most importantly, feel good about it!  The world can wait, it’s only one minute!  Do this every
time you think of it and at least once each day.


So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be ALONE this week. To make time and space for yourself at least once to do nothing, see no one, listen to nothing...see if you can do it... see if you can drop the guilt and just be YOU. Choose one thing to focus on...your breath, watching your thoughts, a flower... just completely absorb yourself in a moment and let go.

Be well!