I came across a great website for students today - it's chock full of great articles and tools to help you get through your semester with your head space intact!

The website is www.studytips.org and if you click here you'll go straight to an article on managing your stress this semester. 

The article talks about time management and relaxation as important parts of stress management as we discussed in our recent Meditate Your Way to Study Success workshop at University of the Sunshine Coast.

Being able to manage our own stress means knowing ourselves well enough to predict what is going to elevate our stress levels, and what is going to decrease them.  Mindfulness and Creative Visualisation Meditation are excellent tools to help identify what our authentic self is advising or guiding us towards. 

Feeling stress in the body is a great indicator that you're doing something that is not in alignment with your authentic self.  The authentic self may be found by stepping back from out thoughts and observing what thought patterns and processes the brain is running at the time. When we feel uncomfortable in our body, when we get sick or suffer from a dis-ease or dis-order, when our mind feels strained and stressed, when we have shortness of breath and heart palpitations, it is a very good sign that we need to update our internal programming and allow our authentic selves to run the show for a while.

When we follow one of the old out-dated programs that the brain offers us, we are not operating from our authentic self.  In order to hear our authentic self, we need to be clear, calm and relaxed first.  Then we are in a position to choose a response from a place of empowerment, rather than react to a stressor from our unconscious autopilot. 

Check out the study tips website article on stress management with the authentic self in mind.  What does your authentic self recommend to decrease stress.  When you are still inside, you will hear it speak!

Kristy xx