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Posted by Kristy Rackham on Thursday, September 22, 2011, In : Meditation & Mindfulness 

Hi All!   I'm very happy and priveleged to welcome our very first guest expert to Head Space today!  Who is this mysterious VIP you ask?!  He's an expert in the field of wellness, health and fitness, all the way from California, USA, and he's here to share with us the in's and out's about what actually happens to our mind and body when we're strung out and stressed to the max!
Welcome Howard VanEs of , great to have you with us!  

Read to the end people ... there's a F...

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Posted by Kristy Rackham on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, In : Study Tips & Info 

I have an exam Friday and am flat out using the techniques in the book to get myself across the line - as I type I have a 2.5 year old hanging off my arm, and my one year old raiding the kitchen draws!  If ever I needed "head Space' it is now!  So to keep myself on the leve, I am using the little quick de-stress technique below... give it a go!

Try this: Remember to Breathe...Stop what you are doing right now... ignore everything for the count of four, deep, long, slow breathes.  Focus entirel...

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Excuse me, I just 'blogged'!

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