Do you multi-task? 

Personally, I find that multitasking whilst trying to study is extremely distracting.  I find that I get WAY less done over a period of time than if I had focused diligently and single-mindedly on a single subject. 

On the other hand, there are times when I will have several things on the go at once...I will be on hold on the phone, printing documents, answering yet another probing question from my 4 year old, and googling a topic all at once.  These things are happening simultaneously, but who is really the one multi tasking?  Me or the machine?

At the end of the day... studies have shown both sides of the coin.  Productivity is definitely lost when we skip about from one thing to another. But time can also be maximised if we're clever about what it is that we're multi-tasking with! 

The trick to telling whether multi-tasking works for you is to be aware of how you are feeling in the process.  If you find you're becoming scattered, frustrated, confused, torn or any other negative emotion that gets your knickers in a twist, it is highly likely that multi-tasking is not for you! 

Read more about it here, and decide for yourself here. OR... if you're busy right now reading this blog, standing on your head in a crazy-mad yoga position whilst juggling balls with your feet, and giving yourself an internal kick in the butt for wasting time when you could be studying, then click here and watch this classic gem by John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson... hilarious!

Peace Out
kristy :)