Hello hello!  So, I found out that there are a few people that do actually read this blog, YAY!... so here I am again! 

Happy and excited to tell you that Head Space will be at the University of the Sunshine Coast Community Day TOMORROW, TUESDAY 20TH JULY from 930pm to 2.30pm

Drop in and say hi to Nicole and myself and hear a bit more about how you can use Head Space to get an edge on your studies and have a really successful semester, in all ways!  We're looking forward to meeting everyone! 

Nicole will be displaying some of her artwork that she produced specifically for the book, I will be there to answer questions about the book and our workshops, sign up for our newsletter and hear about the official book launch and exhibition before everyone else!!  So, please come say hi and check us out (weather permitting of course!).

Also at USC on FRIDAY, 23rd JULY from 12noon to 2pm I will be holding a FREE "Meditate Your Way to Study Success" seminar for students to learn some of the practical and useful  tips and meditations from the book. These will help you to be cool and calm in the face of exams and assignment deadlines, and believe it or not, can actually MAKE YOU SMARTER!!  Big claim, YES, but i have the scientific journals to back up the claim!  :)  YAY!  Can't hurt to try, can it!?!

So, if you fancy improving your memory and intellect, want to be more relaxed this semester, and get more from your study sessions, contact Marj at the Uni Club on mblowers@usc.edu.au to reserve your place at the seminar.

Okay y'all, I'm off to print brochures, design signs, fill mini Head Space-Stress Less sample bags...LOVE IT!!!!


xx Kristy