University of the Sunshine Coast students have had some help to de-stress during the lead up to exams this semester in the form of free “Head Space - Stress Less” seminars.  These interactive lectures teach students ways to reduce anxiety and stress, and enhance their capacity for information retention and recall.

The “Head Space - Stress Less” seminars are based on content from a new book called Head Space – Meditate Your Way to Study Success” written by Kristy Lee Rackham. A practical guide to finding a peaceful head space during the rigours of a school year, the book imparts useful and effective meditation and mindfulness techniques in a fresh and down-to-earth way.

The idea for the book was born during Kristy’s current experiences as a mature aged nursing student.  Her first hand knowledge and understanding of the stressors of daily life as a student are combined with her passion for helping others, and it has proven to be a successful match!

The launch of “Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success” sees the culmination of 12 years of formal training, learning by osmosis, and the integration of many challenging personal experiences. 

Kristy is familiar with the pressures of juggling study, work, family and daily life, not to mention finding some ‘down time’ amongst it all.  She is intent on cultivating stress management abilities in her own children as they grow and take on life’s challenges, “Stress is one of society’s most insidious conditions today.  It’s the underlying cause of so many illnesses and diseases” she says, “Mental health issues such as depression are reaching into younger and younger age groups, faster than ever before.  I feel my purpose is to help stop the creep. If sharing what I have learned about managing stress and depression can help just one young person, then its all been worth it”.

The University of the Sunshine Coast will be hosting another round of the “Head Space - Stress Less” seminars during mid year intake orientation week in July.  Kristy is extending the free one hour seminar to high schools, youth groups and workplaces around the Sunshine Coast.  The paperback “Head Space - Meditate Your Way to Study Success” is now available at and the e-book at 


Contact Information

Kristy Lee Rackham – 0466 432 447