I've been contemplating the idea of mistakes... we've been told by those who are apparently wiser and more worldly that 'we learn by our mistakes'.  However, it strikes me, as I look at my beautiful children while they sleep, that perhaps there is NO SUCH THING AS A MISTAKE.

To believe that we learn by a mistake is to assume that we have done something wrong in the first place, that our choices and actions have resulted in a negative consequence.  My thoughts arise from the fact that I did not consciously choose to have my babies at this point in my life.  However, being with their father (although painful and heartbreaking in at the last), was in no way a mistake. How could I possibly claim that the actions that resulted in my beautiful babies is anything other than divine order manifested. 

If this is the case, then it must be said that nothing I have ever done, no choice made, either conscious or unconscious is a mistake either. For although many of them sting, they too have caused an effect that has lead me here, to this point.  And this point is exactly as it should be.  It is in its own self, perfection, simply by virtue of being.

And if anything is to be learned, it is how to "be".  How to be here, how to be now, how to be ourselves in authentic form, in our perfection as a human being having an experience of the world. 

It strikes me that we judge 'mistakes' as such because we have an expectation of the outcome of our actions.  Expectations that something we do will have a favourable outcome for us.  When the deemed 'happy' event is not forthcoming, we label our actions as a mistake instead of perhaps viewing the experience as just another stepping stone on the pathway of our life... the stone is of itself, but it is also forming the means to continue on our journey through life.  It is no more wrong than the ocean forming a wave which bites at the dunes, reshaping them, redepositing the sand to another place. 

Flow with life.  Be yourself. Honor your decisions, choices, actions - they are the result of a human being living life the best way s/he knows how.

We do not learn by our mistakes, we simply do not make them in the first place!

be well
risty xx