Hi and welcome to 'Head Space - meditate your way to study success'.  Thanks for checking us out!  

I guess I want to start by saying that the great thing about this lovely book is that its not just for students at school or uni, it is great for 'students of life' too!    You just have to be interested in finding your own 'piece of peace' which will in turn reduce physical and mental stress and enhance your general wellbeing.

You may have read that the book will be released on 1 June 2010.  It will be available in paperback via online bookstores and in e-book format.  We're so excited about this!  The book has been a passion and dream of mine and has been in the works for a really long time!  It's taken having kids and going back to study myself at 36 years old for the timing to be right and things to start rolling.  It really confirms to me that if you have a dream, never let it go... somehow, sometime, when your life and the universe are in alignment, things can HAPPEN!!  The right people enter your circle, you move to a new location that opens up physical possibilities, technology makes things possible that weren't before, time is on your side, the right motivation comes along...things just FLOW!

For me the turning point was returning to Queensland for a short holiday with my family before heading to London where I was to take up a job in the media.  I was also going to begin studying nursing part time over there.  The Universe had other plans!  I arrived at Maroochydore airport after a 26 hour flight from the USA and promptly fell on my butt on the tarmac and broke my foot on the way down, rendering me pretty much physically useless for 3 months!  I'm not the kind of person that takes well to being slowed down, or in this case, stopped in my tracks, so needless to say I was not happy!  However, the discontent that ensued quickly turned to "how can I turn this to my advantage?"

I heard about the new Bachelor of Nursing degree at University of the Sunshine Coast.  I was planning to do nursing anyway, so i figured why not start here whilst I'm layed up and transfer to London in a few months or so?  Great idea!! I began the course and a new world opened up! Through nursing I met so many wonderful people, some not so wonderful people, all of whom have changed my life - some directly, some indirectly... they have all have lead me to here... this moment... with you! That's a great thing!

I will be using this Blog as a communication forum so please feel free to ask questions about meditation, studying, anything that you need help with and I'll give you my take on it.  I'll also be adding things periodically to the blog... some of it personal, some of it tips and hints on meditation and other 'life skills' that I continue to learn as I go along on the journey. 

Nicole Verwey-Baker, the amazing artist who has infused 'Head Space - meditation your way to study success' with her collaged impression of the essence of meditation, will also add to the blog from time to time, so keep a look out for her fantastic life knowledge, wisdom and uniue artistic talents!

I never made it back to London to complete the degree and am now studying via flexible learning (online) with CQUniversity!  I am now in my second year of study, and have 2 children, Wilby (2.5 yrs) and Maya (11 mths) which slowed me down even more than the broken foot, but they are are the reason the book as come into fruition. They are my motivation for getting this meditation information out there to all students, young and old.   I want all kids to know how to use this stuff for their schooling lives and beyond, and the sooner the better... Its taken me 36 years to arrive at this point.  I want all children and teenagers to have the tools to a peaceful, amazing, adventurous life from the get go!

So... well done for reaching the end of this post.  I promise the next ones will be a little more succinct!  Stay tuned... watch this 'head space' and feel free to chat, comment and get involved.

See you soon!

Kristy xox