The tough get going... but perhaps not in the way that you may think! 

Making radical changes when life gets tough is often a great way to shake things up and break free of the limiting bonds that we have placed ourselves in.  Yes, it is we who have tied ourselves into a particular way of life.  Our choices in the past have lead to our current circumstances. 

This is great news! If we got ourselves here, we can get ourselves out!  We have absolute power to change how things are in our lives if we are not comfortable.  Discomfort, pain, stress and tension are sometimes the only way our soul is able to communicate that change needs to happen. 

As humans, we are susceptible to believing that our mind-chatter , or 'white noise' as I call it, is the truth.  IT IS NOT!  
Our soul voice, the one that says quietly in the background "there is another way - it doesn't have to be like this" is frequently overshadowed by the raucous hammering of our mind telling us we are 'stuck with this' or 'we don't have a choice'.  NOT TRUE! 

So, Now You Know... What Now?

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The times when we feel most trapped by circumstance are the very times when we have a valuable and powerful opportunity to RADICALY TRANSFORM our lives.  It takes a tough person to realise that there might be another way... an even stronger one to MAKE A CHANGE to break free of self-imposed limitations.  It can be done... there IS another way.  When there appears to be no other choice, choose to make a DRAMATIC CHANGE.  Do something that makes others say out loud "WOW!  That's crazy!"... believe me, on the inside they're wishing they had the courage to do it too! In the words of Nike "Just DO IT".  You do have a choice.  There is always a choice.  There ARE options.  We just need to shift our perspective, think outside the box, and be willing to take a chance on our soul's guidance.

Will you choose to change, to break free of your dis-ease, your dis-comfort, or will you choose to maintain the status quo?

You can do it.  I know you can. Because if you're reading this, you are resonating with these words and they have been written just for you. They are your soul's instruction. Be tough, get going!

"It is the strongest and most evolved beings who traverse the path of the heart and soul, for it takes faith and fortitude.  I see this strength in YOU!"

Peace out...

Kristy Lee
Author, Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success