ONLY 100 PAPERBACKS LEFT until we go 100% digital!


$ 150 AUD

A one on one consultation with Registered Nurse and Author, Kristy Rackham for reducing stress and professional guidance to improve quality of life.

  • Unblock your limitations around study and success
  • Attract more abundance
  • Quickly reduce stress and tension
  • Release beliefs that are stopping you from having the life you really want.

"There are no limits to the problems we can solve and the solutions we can discover when we do it together". 

Using a customised blend of cutting edge mind-science, healing & cognitive reframing techniques including 'Matrix Reimprinting, Neurolinguistic Programming, Mindfulness meditation, Creative Visualisation and EFT Tapping, Kristy will help locate the unconscious beliefs that are limiting your progress and causing stress.

Great for:

  • Career direction & clarity
  • Motivation and memory
  • Stress & anxiety management
  • Relationships
  • Chronic pain & fatigue

...and more

MR is safe and effective for children aged 10 and up.

Kristy is the ONLY MR practitioner in Queensland registered with the official governing body and founder of MR, Karl Dawson.

LIVE MR sessions are available from ANYWHERE in the world via SKYPE VIDEO CONFERENCING.  Kristy will contact you personally after your payment is received to setup your appointment time.



$ 25.00 AUD

The paperback is being converted to digital resource only from mid 2015.  There are just 150 paperback copies left!

The fresh, down-to-earth and practical book "Head Space" is going to show you how to feel better and help you and your family de-stress for life! 

Using easy and effective meditation and mindfulness techniques you can integrate Head Space into your daily life STARTING NOW.



$ 5.99 AUD

Download the pdf to your computer, ipad or reader and have 'Head Space' with you at the touch of a button.


LIGHTEN UP - Guided Audio Soundtrack

$ 0.99 AUD


A quick way to lighten your day.  This single download is just 2 minutes long... tell me you don't have the time to chill out!!  ;)


Lighten up is the perfect tool for getting into a positive mindset and starting the day off on the right 'light foot'.

Single Track, Mp3 Format

Total Duration = 1mins 59sec


BODY SCAN - Guided Audio Soundtrack

$ 0.99 AUD

The ultimate de-stress track.  Scan your body for stress, tension and pain and replace it with relaxation and peace. 

This track is particularly great for assisting sleep due to chronic body pain.


Single Track, Mp3 Format

Total Duration = 5mins 0sec


HEALTH & VITALITY - Guided Audio Soundtrack

$ 0.99 AUD

Do you want better health, greater vitality and energy to keep up with the kids, handle busy work OR study schedules with ease, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Beat fatigue and stress with this single track.  Listen before starting your day and as often as possible when you feel yourself 'winding up' throughout your work day.

Single Track, Mp3 Format

Total Duration = 6mins 45sec


 Friends of Head Space

We are proud to recommend audio meditation cds for children, teens and adults from "Stress Free Kids".  Lori and Rick Lite are experts in stress reduction techniques and their range of cd's, books, teacher tools and their fantastic website is a great resource for any parent, teacher or student.  Click on the image below to check it out.  Be well... Kristy xx

Stress Free Kids
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