The amazing artworks found inside the pages of "Head Space" are direct from the original head space of Sunshine Coast artist Nicole Verwey-Baker. 

All works are collage on canvas using recycled National Geographic magazine pages which Nicole lovingly disected and rearranged to form complex weavings of colour and texture. 

Nicole's process for the art was to meditate using the techniques in 'Head Space-meditate your way to study success' book before setting down to work. She scanned hundreds of magazines searching for the perfect tapestry to bring to life the feelings that rose from within her meditations.    Each handcut piece was then painstakingly matched and placed constructing a patchwork that resembles the inner workings of the mind in its various states.    The entire 'Head Space' Collection took Nicole 6 months of full time work to complete.

From a distance the works appear to be detailed paintings that baffle the mind in their intricacy and detail.  Looking closely, hidden delights and surprises creep into focus.  Tiny people, far away places, animals and insects give a hint of the treasures and traumas that can be found when we delve into our own unconscious mind.

Ironically, a few months after finishing the collection, Nicole was to face the ultimate challenge of mind and body.  She found herself on a very personal journey into the deep recesses of her own head space fighting for her life.  Friends and family became increasingly concerned in the months that followed the book's release as her cognition diminished and she became a shadow of her normally light self.  

Admitted to hospital, Nicole's mind and body was taken to the brink of obliteration.  She was desperately ill, completely unaware of her surroundings, unable to communicate in any way, and her spirit appeared to have fled to find peace in a faraway place...and no one knew why. Finally, doctors diagnosed a rare Leukaemia of the brain and gave her just two weeks to live.  It appeared that the entire time Nicole was working on the book's art, she had kept the disease at bay only beginning to worsten after the last canvas was finished. 

Miraculously, Nicole has returned from the edge of life and regained her health.  Two years and two relapses later, Nicole is alive and well, here to share her amazing story of mind over matter, and to see the artistic legacy of her original and inspired Head Space Collage Collection find it's precious place in the world.

Exhibitions of the Head Space Collection

As a result of her experiences, Nicole has decided not to sell the original masterworks, preferring to find various exhibiting homes for them for everyone to enjoy. 

If you are a gallery, an exhibition space or and wish to host the entire original Head Space Collection at your upcoming event, please contact us at headspacebook@gmail.com.

Purchasing Your Own Head Space Canvas Print

If you would love to own your own piece of the Head Space Collection, quality box-canvas prints in various sizes are available for purchase.

Below is a virtual gallery of the prints available.  The images here are photographic segments personally chosen by Nicole from the complex full sized original works.

Please contact us at headspacebook@gmail.com to order your personal 'Head Space' art print. Please remember to include the number, size and name of the print/s you wish to purchase.

1. Peace Waves   ~  2. Inner Bridges   ~  3. Electric Moon  ~  4. Humanity Stream  ~  5. Origin

6. Point of Light   ~   7. Rivers of Consciousness   ~   8. Neurons  ~  9. Chakra Whorls

10. Trigger Track  ~  11. Solar Plexus  ~  12. White Noise

The original images found on this site are owned and copyrighted by Nicole Verwey-Baker. No image may be printed, copied, reproduced or used in any way without the express permission of the artist..

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