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Below is a list of links that we have found useful in enhancing and maintaining the work/life balance.  We have included something to assist all facets of life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial wellness. - Offering stress management and wellness training, products and services.  Lifestyle sustainability assistance, health training & seminars, student & teacher support, health and lifestyle consultations, care planning & coordination for people with  chronic conditions. - authors, educators, expert aromatherapists and contributors to Head Space-meditate your way to study success, Kim Morrrison and Fleur Whelligan can offer you fantastic guidance on using aromatherapy to enhance all aspects of life via this site and their books. - Trish is the author of Recreating Your Life.  This book will take you on a journey into consciousness (awareness) as it looks at what is currently happening in your life and assists you to change what is not working. - Kerry has been practicing Yoga for over 30 years. Her passion for Yoga led her to become an accredited Yoga teacher through the International Yoga Teacher's Association. Physically Yoga improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Mentally it promotes peace, clarity, focus and concentration and encourages awareness of the mind-body connection. The benefits of this combination help to release stress, which creates a feeling of calm and contentment.  - Mindfulness training centre applying contemporary neuro-science, psychology and management tools combined with ancient Buddhist meditation techniques for relieving stress, enjoying daily life, and resolution of troubling situations and emotions. - Mindfulness training workshops and seminars for parents and clinicians. - social network dedicated to nurturing the inner lives of kids and those who love them.  Their mission is to promote a more peaceful and caring society by developing an engaged, grassroots, online community committed to sharing secular mindful awareness with children, teens and their families. - Comprehensive information about the Chakras, their corresponding colour, sound, physical, mental and spiritual attributes. - master of vocal harmony offering vocal tuition, choirs and singing groups in Queensland. Also conducts online voice training via skype and live streaming. No experience necessary to take part in Brian's workshops and classes. - zen meditation website (Kristy's favorite!) - Central Queensland University - offers range of on campus and online degrees throughout Australia - The University of the Sunshine Coast - offers range of on campus degrees and affiliate degrees in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. - detailed explaination of alpha brain waves plus music to get you to into that state.


Below you will find relevant scientific journals and other articles covering various studies about the effects of meditation and mindfulness on health and wellbeing.  This page will be updated regularly. If you know of any studies and research that could be added to this website, please contact us. - Several recent news pieces, including this New York Times article, have reported on an emerging trend: schools using techniques such as yoga and meditation to help students manage anxiety and stress.

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