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Hello!  This is Kristy, author of 'Head Space'

When I first wrote Head Space, it was during my own Nursing studies and in a very difficult phase of my life - raising two babies solo. I had been meditating and teaching meditation for around 15 years before that.  It was my personal therapy.  But as I wrote, I realised that things in my life were getting easier, better, more manageable, in ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE!

Meditation - Proven by Science

I already knew that meditation had a good effect on my peace of mind, but I began to wonder what it was doing to my brain.  I'm the kind of person that just HAS to know the workings of things, I'm not satisfied with taking other people's word for it, and I also wanted to make sure the information I knew in my heart to be true, was PROVEN SCIENCE for my readers.  So the research began! 

When I started the draft there were only a handful of research studies published, and they were very convincing.  By the time the book was released there were no less than 76 peer reviewed journals on the subject of meditation and its amazing effects on our mind and body.  Now, in 2015 it is impossible to count the number.  Just last year TIME Magazine and SCIENTIFIC AMERICA magazine both published lengthy articles on the 'miracle of meditation'.  Finally, the mass media is catching on to something that so many of us have known for ages.  Its awesome!

Why Meditate?

Meditation comes in many forms. What each has in common is the enormous physical, mental and spiritual benefits to all who practice it. It can help everything from lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress, to enhancing intuition and happiness!

Who is Head Space For?

Although originally for parents and students, there is actually only one chapter in the book that is specific to study... the other 14 chapters can be applied to ANYONE, in any phase of life!  The content in 'Head Space' is really universal... it applies to you, whether student or not. 

So Who is Reading 'Head Space?

  • Mums and dads looking to help their teenage children with anxiety and stress at school
  • Teenage kids who want to feel more calm at home and school
  • University students who want to maximise their study time and de-stress in the process
  • Adult learners who have gone back to school and are juggling kids, jobs and life at home
  • Grandparents who are curious about meditation
  • 30-somethings who want to get an edge over their mental state to improve their general wellbeing
  • People who are interested in learning meditation and don't know where to start

The Head Space Way

So, I would encourage you to look past its title, and delve into its pages.  'Head Space' is for you, and there is so much to be gained, so many ways that meditation the 'Head Space Way' will work in your life. The book primarily uses mindfulness and visualisation based practices and is in handbook style so you can start meditating within the first few pages.

If you have any questions, or want to talk to me personally, I am only an email away.  I'd also recommend you enter your email in the 'subscribe' field above.  I've recorded some of the meditation in the book as a gift to get you started with meditation RIGHT NOW.  There is no time like the present!

I want to say thanks for your interest, but far more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS for visiting to learn more about how meditation can make a massive difference in your life for the better.  Sign up above for your free meditations, buy the book, and get started on a journey that will change your mind - literally!


Kristy :)

PS: For those who really want to kick start their year for manifesting a bright and calm future, I am available for one on one 'Lifestyle Sustainability' mentoring and private guided meditation classes via skype or in person - these are hands on, practical and interactive sessions with me designed to sort out the wheat from the chaff and really hone in on your goals for the future. Particularly good for open-minded business owners and newly graduated students.  Click here to email me with your questions about this fast-track mindset and stress management process.

Why Do We need 'Head Space'?

Recent studies show that just 10 minutes of non-sequential, regular meditation each day helps a person to return their body to a state of homoeostasis, which means optimal brain and body functioning. 

There are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits of practicing meditation.  Some are:

  • Strengthens and thickens the cerebral cortex. It creates more and more neural pathways between the brain hemispheres increasing a person’s capacity for utilisation of both sides of the brain in harmony, ie… increases our learning capacity and MAKES US SMARTER!
  • Regulates brainwaves and brings us out of Beta into Alpha state, a highly receptive and expansive state where increased learning, memory retention, clarity and creativity occurs.
  • Increases release of stress reducing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. 
  • Reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, reducing the load on the heart
  • Slows breathing and increases oxygen uptake to the cells
  • Reduces physical pain and tension
  • Develops the creative mind and imagination
  • Calms the mind and emotions
  • Enhances creativity, memory, concentration, clarity and intellect
  • Improves general health & wellbeing
  • Reduces and manages stress
  • Improves communication and productivity
  • Provides greater capacity for complex conceptual understanding and problem solving


What people are saying...

"Kristy's support to students through her seminar at USC and her book has helped me stay relaxed and focussed during my first few months of University.  I encourage all students to get a copy of the book before starting Uni."

Nathan A, Student, University of the Sunshine Coast

 Are YOU Ready For a
Happier 'Head Space'?

If you want to feel better, think better, and do better in your studies, then create a little Head Space for yourself! 

Mindful study is the golden key to...

  • staying cool, calm and collected for exams & assignment deadlines
  • maximising study schedules   
  • retaining more course information   
  • recalling course info when needed   
  • improving study outcomes   
  • enhancing memory,
  • and becoming smarter!!!
This fresh, beautiful and practical handbook "Head Space-Meditate Your Way to Study Success" is going to show you how to do it!...

'Head Space' uses quick, easy and effective mind management techniques you can integrate into your daily life RIGHT NOW and join the Mindfulness Education Movement (MEM) for a happier head space all around!

Head Space is for YOU!!

"I know how hard it can be to juggle study on top of kids, making dinner, school runs, relationships, a social life, finances and all the things in between!   This book will help you maximise your time and your mind so that you can work SMARTER not harder AND preserve some quality of life for yourself whilst your nose is in the books!"

Kristy Lee Rackham, Head Space Author

TRY THIS MINI-MEDITATION - Hearing Your Heart Voice

Allow your breathing to become quiet and flow at its own natural rhythm. Now… bring your attention into your chest.  Follow the breath as it flows in and out of your lungs.  With each breath, imagine a beautiful radiant light is filling your heart with source energy.  As your heart glows with this energy, you notice a deep peace begin to enfold you. Look into your heart now.  In its centre you perceive a tiny, but brilliant star.  This is the core of your being, the place where infinite potential resides, the seat and voice of your authentic being. Keep breathing into your heart centre and notice how peaceful you are becoming, how still and quiet your mind is. When you feel ready, ask a question of your divine spark at the centre of your heart.  Wait with your attention focused gently on your breath.  A word, sentence, feeling, or perhaps an actual voice speaking to you will return an answer.  Do not ‘try’ to hear.  Just wait patiently and listen.  The answer will come. Trust your inner voice to know what you need and want at this time.

The mini meditations can be used as 'triggers' to prime your mind... to find out more about priming...  click here to purchase Head Space in paperback or download the e-book.

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Written and developed by Kristy L Rackham, Copyright © 2010-2015

Illustrated by Nicole Verwey-Baker, Copyright © 2009-2015

First Published by Kristy L Rackham, 2010

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